Reanimate the earth! Thanks for this story. This lie is at the heart of the subject-object dualism. We animate the “subject” and “deanimate” the object. We think that “objects” need something more, some external something to move them (remember Newton said an object at rest stays at rest — but is there ever anything really at rest?) and we call that at the finest scale “energy” — but maybe movement is the property of what we call matter, just like space-curviness is the property of matter (not something extra called “gravity”). I remember when I first learned about electric currents. You wrap copper wire around an iron magnet and you get “electricity” .. and I kept asking “but where does the electricity come from” … that the electricity was the movement in relation to the “objects” … was hard to understand, as I had already appropriated the lie..

Again, thanks for reminding us ..

Are you familiar with the work of Graham Harvey?

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