Also, one distinction, what I mean by a holistic orientation is that one feels themsleves immersed in an unbounded, interdependent system. Its a lived experience of “habitus” … of inhabiting the “real” — of being “situated” which simultaneously tells us that this “real” cannot be known, because there is no prvileged place to stand and make object of “it” AND that because we are immersed in “it” experiences, while implicit, are valid, and truths can be “explicated” from our experience. Different practices of explication include heuristics, theory, models, systems, … up the scale of abstraction.

“Up the scale of abstraction” however, represents increasing levels of “cognitive complexity” but not increasing levels of “actual complexity” of “the real.” Implicit experience is always more valid, more complex than explications, and this is why we correctly measure our models against our experience, and make mistakes when we use the model to measure the experiential.

I think you know this. Mostly we are creating shared language — that has a precision for these distinctions.

Thanks again…

All the best,


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