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Releasing complexity, source code solutions, training post-formal actors, next generation leadership, sensemaking, open participatory organizations

A new generation of leaders

In this article I introduce the notion of the post-formal actor. In contrast to the notion of “formal-actors” as most people who follow the formal roles, rules, norms, and procedures that society, organizations and institutions assign to formally specified contexts, we define post-formal actors (PFA)…

Help me build out C-LABS

During the lockdown I worked on creating a new project called C-LABS. You can check out the website (which is a work in progress) at

I am still in the process of building out the website, and producing content. But I thought I would…

In a recent twitter thread I talked about COVID and our policy response as a certain kind of problem that our existing mental models are not adequate to address. These kinds of problems are not causal systems where you intervene at a single point of entry.

Image from Defense Systems Information Analysis Center

How action protocols reveal key choice points to solve wicked problems

Rule-bound coordination of action

Imagine you are lost in the forest. You have a map, but it is hopelessly outdated. The forest has changed a lot. The stream that was is now a lake (beavers!) the old paths are overgrown and the young…

Why you’re so confused by money

Years ago, I ran a boutique architectural-design-build-contracting firm. The seasonal nature of the business meant that you procured all the materials you would need for the coming season, during the off-season months. All winter we’d buy the masonry and landscape materials that would…

An opportunity to turn things around has been laid on our doorstep
[Note, this and other articles in this publication, have been made possible by a writing grant from Perspectiva.}

In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, we have the chance to learn about how society maintains itself in the…

How the Anthropocene is Changing our Minds

I have been writing and presenting how the Anthropocene is changing our minds. Some of this has to do with the deep, underlying ways in which we organize our conceptions of reality. We rely on deep, metaphysical mental models that operate below the…

Native Narrative Architects, Children’s Learning Center, Phillipines

Outlining a new infrastucture for transformational education

Note: This and other articles in this publication has been made possible through the support of Perspectiva

A society’s educational system exists in both time and space. It represents the continuity of intergenerational transmission over time, and the institutional structures that have been put in place from the policy…

Excerpted from a work in progress on education for human flourishing

This and other articles in this publication has been made possible through the support of Perspectiva

A philosophy of education based on transformation and human flourishing would switch the inquiry from how much is the student learning, to what kind of person is the student becoming? If you are an educator, this is probably a daunting statement. It leads to an overwhelming responsibility for one…

Bonnitta Roy

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